The Peak of Valtindr
Type Mountain
Inhabitants Atherna
Location North Chalcum - Vsok Mountains
Valtindr is, by most standards, the largest mountain on the face of Chalcum. At it's shrouded peak, the air becomes so thin and frigid that no corporeal being can survive it. This great mountain lies in the northern parts of the Vsok Mountain range, a sort of symbol as the last frontier for those living on Chalcum. It can be seen from miles away, and is even visible from the top of the Fel Halmarr. Sometimes even, when the fog clears, one can see the impression of an ancient stronghold at it's normally covered peak, a stronghold that wraps around the mountain like the roots of a tree dig into the ground. This is the legendary city of the Atherna, one inhabited only by wholly incorporeal beings who have dedicated themselves to the study and practice of the arcane arts.