• Metacalcum

    Magic and Stuff

    May 30, 2016 by Metacalcum

    Did a bit of work on magic today. There's a lot I want to do with it, including some sort of mutual connection between all sentient creatures, the creation of newer races and the ramifications of such an act, and a few other smaller subjects.

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  • Metacalcum

    Concepts and Heavy Sighs

    October 10, 2015 by Metacalcum

    Welp, finally back to writing this. As I review the pages... I find myself commonly sighing heavily at the oddities and the things that simply don't make sense. Like that Chalcite marraige tradition. My goodness, the logic must not have been working that night. But yes, threw up a few concept posts, such as the Bridge of Sadie, the Tendrin Netherlands , and the Alpin Expanse . All right now are quite empty, but when I start thinking of the campaigns the Groy-Hoyt launched, I promise that they'll be war-scarred and broken.

    Oh, and by the way... Is anyone actually reading this?

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  • Metacalcum

    Yanor RPG?

    August 12, 2015 by Metacalcum

    Been reading some junk about D&D, and have recently began work on creating a table to play on using chesspieces. While working on the table... A thought occured to me. "Why not play this with a Yanor module?". So, I threw together a short little thing in Google Docs concerning humanity on Yanor. It needs a lot of work... But it's a start.

    Human (Chalcite and Predok)

     Humans: That race that seems to find it’s way into every corner of existence through some means or another. Generalizations are rather difficult to make with them, especially when Chalcites are involved, but here are the basics.


     Chalcites are a rebellious, lithe folk, dedicated to personal freedom at the cost of all else. Most Chalc…

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    General Blog Post Thing

    August 10, 2015 by Metacalcum

    Welp, started up work on the Plane again. If anyone sees this and would like to help create places and events to fill in the current timeline, that would be awesome.

    As for the actual writing, I've been brainstorming things on Chalcite clans, but I think that I'll leave most of that up to people when I turn this into a sort of interactive world. Same for the clan-like system the Predok use. The Groy-Hoyt don't use/have a need for clans, they're more of a unified people, so I'll be setting up things for that when I actually post a page on them and thier current state.

    But yes. First blog post. Good day.

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