The Ualancoille
Type Coniferous Forest
Inhabitants Chalcites
Location West Chalcum

The Ualancoille is a coniferous forest set in the north-western reaches of West Chalcum, a place dominated by sprawling pines with canopies set high above the mossy, grassless floor below. Amidst the fallen trees and rotting pine needles grow a variety of ferns and small shrubs, as well as a number of mushrooms. While the forest itself doesn’t have anything particularly popping about it, other than it’s simple beauty, it is the residents of the Ualancoille, Chalcites known as the ‘Bainfrith’, that make the forest so well known.

The Bainfrith are weavers and rope-makers of renown, known across all of Chalcum for their quality textiles, cloths, ropes, and artisan tapestries. Shepherds from the Alpin Expanse and merchants hailing from all corners of Chalcum journey to this region to acquire and have produced thousands of yards of cloth and countless tapestries to adorn their lofty halls.

The tapestries are especially desired among outsiders. Masterfully made, they are a point of both admiration for their sheer beauty, and discussion as to their meaning. They depict seemingly random events, including battles, simple dialogues, and more menial tasks, such as dining and reading. They always have a figure in them, however, a figure widely recognized as that wizard of antiquity, Doenranak.