The Elemental Planes
The Plane of Air.
Type Pocket/Sub-Planes
Inhabitants The Apokryvie and the Great Beasts
Location N/A
The Elemental Planes are sub-planes of Yanor, connected in a sense, and still in the planar boundaries, but completely separate in their own ways. Each one was created by the three elemental beasts after they had stopped creation in Yanor. Each one is akin to and perfectly suited to the element of each. The Plane of Air is covered with storms and flowing with arcane magics, the Plane of Earth is a solid, unending mass of rocks, dirt, and ores, and the Plane of Water is an endless, dark abyss, flowing with rapids and impossibly fast water speeds. For Fire, Lyrus takes that in a way, since no Beast was created after that element.


The Elemental Planes work as a sort of buffer for anyone wanting to come into/leave Yanor. Anyone who attempts to enter will find themselves deposited in one of these planes. To travel to one of these, you would either have to try to leave Yanor via portal, or open a portal directly to one. Of course, there are some portals to these planes in respected places, such as one to the Earth in the deepest reaches of the Vsok Mountains, one to Air in the Atherna's arcane city, and one to Water in the deepest caverns of the ocean.