As you probably know, Doenranak the Mage created the four elementals, which created Doenranak the Construct, who created the three Elemental Beasts and humanity (well, recreated a more base form of the Mage). The Elemental Beast of Earth created many races, including those massive ursine monsters that no longer, save for in some neglected and unknown groves, roam the lands. It is also known that these ursine creatures somehow created the Hofrindar. But how? How did the Blisters come to be, or the Atherna? How did one 'generation' of creature create a whole new, but wholly alike race, and then seemingly die off? This is the issue I wish to tackle with this page.

Why a New Race is Created

A new race is created simply out of the desire for a generation to, like the one before it, create something great. Doenranak the Construct felt it necessary to create the Elemental Beasts, who felt it vital to create their first generation of creatures. Similar to the way a child feels towards his parents, wishing to please them through some construct of his own. Despite the great achievements of that race, they all pale in comparison to that of the shaping of a new life.

How a New Race is Created

The creation of a new race is a very involved process. It requires magics so powerful, and so much energy, that it calls for the sacrifice of a very large portion of any population to achieve it. Normal magics revolve around wresting control of the elements from the Construct in order to use those in order to make something new. Race magic, instead of using elements (which, are used, but in a lesser amount), use the fiber and making of the crowd gathered.

The whole population is decimated bodily, their 'souls' either slipping into Doenranak and the arcane, or entering into the bodies of the newly created race.