Language Rock-Sound


Appearance Humanoid, hunch-backed, covered in mineral deposits.
Progenitor The Beast of the Earth
Other Attributes
Type Bipedal
Average Height 3'5ft-4'ft
Average Weight Dependent on ore and stone makeup. Generally 100-400lbs.
Coloration Dependent on ore and stone makeup.
Curious Features Juts of mineral deposits from their skin, and gemstones embedded all over them.

The craftsmen and hermits of Yanor, once native to all of Chalcum, but now reside in only small section of it. They pride themselves in simply calling themselves “The Rock-Peoples”, something that is respected by the Hofrindar. The Chalcites, though, generally take on more discriminatory names for them, such as “Shale Brains” or “Loot Bags”.


The Rock-People are a short, hunchbacked folk, standing only at three to four feet tall. Their body has no hair, only a bristly substance that sometimes grows in tufts around certain areas. Their skin is a light, deathly-grey colored pliable stone, similar to their rock-hard ore bones. Instead of blood, various liqufied ores course through their veins, somehow keeping them alive. Spaced out on their skin are small juts and deposits of minerals, ores, and occasionally gems. Their eyes are always made out of nearly-solid gems, but some fracture examples have been found.

For clothing, they spin threads from metals and weave them into extremely tough garments. For armor, their skin and clothes work well enough, so they don't usually use it. When they do, it's usually made of solid plates covered in woven strands of wicked strong metals, adorned with priceless stones and decorative metals.

Behavior and Culture

The Rock-People are a divided folk, without even a stable family unit to guide them. Usually residing on the western shores of West Chalcum, they live in holes in small hills, covered with natural doors to disguise them from even the keenest eyes. Not that one would want to find a Rock-Person's home, though, as they don't take well to intruders, and are usually at groin level.

At a rather young age, Rock-People leave their parents and go into hiding separately, as they believe they'll be harder to catch that way. Rarely will a grouping of more than two occur, and when it does, it's almost always a family.


Concerning religion, the Rock-People worship the elemental beings that created Eyrus and the rest of Yanor, namely the construct of earth. They do so by creating extremely ornate and fine plates of metal and burying them deep in the ground, usually in large deposits of gravel or in hills where the mud is thick or the dirt goes deep.


The Rock-Peoples are terrified of most everyone, and for good reason. A long time ago, when they inhabited all of Chalcum, they were hunted for their ores and minerals by the Chalcites, the Drikn (And later the Groy-Hoyt), and the olden Hofrindar. The only people they get along with are the Blisters, who really couldn’t care less for their minerals. Or their taste.