Basics of Magic

Magic in Yanor is a curious thing. Magic is usually thought as a sort of feeling. Imagining the flame and project it's destination, feeling the earth and pulling it from it's slumber. Such things are quite impossible on Yanor, as the whole of the created world's gaze lies fixed on Doenranak the Construct.

The only way to actually cast a spell is through use of the old, primal languages. Wizardry, if you will. These words, or commands, pry the attention of the elements from Doenranak to one's self, allowing them to bend the element to their will. Each beast created by Doenranak has it's own language, each correlating to it's element. Thus, species like the Hofrindar use a lesser language form than their progenitor, but for spells, they use the beast's language. Of course, it also depends on how the spell is channeled, pronunciation, and all that, but it has a deeper requirement for the elemental magics: blood. Not so much from a sanguimatic view, where blood is used in spells, but from an almost familial view.

You see, there are four species of life, each one in each physical element. Creatures of one element can cast spells of their element with no inhibitions, but start having difficulties with other elements, due to the intensely different language form and the nature of their making.

Battles between two mages can be described as shouting matches. Each tries to capture the attention of Doenranak, and as such, there will always be one with the greater power on his side. Victors can usually be told apart before the match ends, though, that is not to say that only one of the users has a chance. Fate is a curious thing.

Source of Magic

When the elementals fused to create Doenranak the Construct, splits in the vary plane opened up, seeping energy from the Astral Sea. In some places, such as the massive hole boring through Lyrus, these cracks are very apparent and much more powerful. These cracks are called leylines. Wizards channel their energy through them, accompanied with the commands of an ancient language, to cast spells. Spells, that, are more of commands, bending the elements to the caster's will.

Along with this astral source of power, there is the binding force of Doenranak, that quite literally holds everything together. Doenranak, as well as being a purely arcane construct, is the embodiment of the arcane, which, tied together with his binding nature, makes everything a part of that arcane force. Subtly magics have slowly developed outside of Atherna circles that seem to be able to exploit this connection between everyone.