Across the diverse lands of Eyrus, there are a variety of places of legends - ancient islands, forgotten cities and vaults, and groves where it is said that one can achieve a more pure connection to Doenranak. Some are well known, others, such as the Dark Isle, are known only regionally and by the more scholarly in the Chalcum society. One thing binds them all together, though, and that's the sheer mystery and wonder draped around each. Whether these locations live up to this mystique, or even exist, is truly up to only the most daring of explorers and most lucky of passer-byers.

The Dark Isle

Of the southern coast of West Chalcum, visible from the Chalcite town of Gealle under very rare circumstances, is an island miles off the coast shrouded always in a dark mist. All attempts that we know of to reach this place have ended in failure - mostly due to the primitive nature of watercraft, and the sheer terror that is that southern sea.

Sometimes, when the place is visible, some of the more ocularly astute in the town claim to see dancing lights and tiny plumes of smoke rising above the mists. The lights, when the folks are believed, are usually considered to be similar wisps as those inhabiting the swamps surrounding Gealle.