Knokrin Hofrindar
Language Hofri

Broken Common

Appearance Bear-like, covered in fur.
Progenitor The Beast of the Earth
Other Attributes
Type Bipedal and Quadrupedal
Average Height 6'-6'6 for Males

5'6-6' for Females

Average Weight 100lbs-500lbs for Males

80lbs-250lbs for Females

Coloration (For Males) Black, Dark Brown, and rarely Dark Green

(For Females) Light Browns and Grays, sometimes spotted.

Curious Features The males have small antlers in there heads, and the females have rather shaggy coats.

A deep, shamanistic people, related closely to the Redles Hofrindar.


The Knokrin Hofrindar are tall, bear-like creatures standing up to six and a half feet tall (with the females generally being under six). If they could stand up taller, without their large, permanent neck and back slouch, they'd be nearly seven feet tall at most. On their heads, in the male's case, small antlers sprout up, which seldom grow too large. Male Hofrindar generally sport coats of dark blacks or browns, even deep greens in some cases, while females have shaggier, lighter hues of browns and greys, and even some spotted. For clothes, they wear cloth coverings (cloth spun from an odd kind of shaggy, mossy cave-grass. It's surprising durable and pliable, but isn't very warm and gets wet easy) in the form of cloaks, robes, vests, and kilts. An interesting fact is that their teeth are all flat, no canines at all, and that their fingers are longer than normally found on a bear, with the addition of a thumb.

Behavior and Culture

The Knokrin Hofrindar live secluded in large caverns of the mountains. They believe themselves to be above animals with whom they share so many characteristics, and thus, have changed the way things are done. They grow grasses and vegetables inside of their mountain sanctuaries by means of wonders of architecture and natural magics, thanks to just about everyone's shamanistic calling. Never do they drop down on all fours or eat meat, as this is considered disgusting and shameful.

For occupations, most take the path of miners, architects and smiths, constantly expanding their vast network of city-tunnels and caverns. Few have any desire for large houses, but many desire things of arcane importance, such as certain gems or ores. It should be noted once more that all Hofri, to an extent, wield a sort of terramatic magic as well as they would a weapon or tool.

Their government is split between large tracts of tunnels, each being governed by various elders and their counsels. In the center-most of these tracts of tunnels, alongside the local government is a sort of federal council, comprised of a elder chosen from each tract of tunnel. At it's head is the eldest of them all.

Religion and Tradition

Religious beliefs

The Knokrin have a sort of druidistic religion, worshipping the earth and it’s produce, nature. Never, though, do they pray to their ancestors or any direct deity they think is out there, only to the earth.




Their relations to the Chalcites, Blisters, and any other foreign races are the same: distrustful, and rightfully so. Torture and slavery by the central folk has made them apprehensive about the other races, especially the similar-looking Chalcites.

Their relations to the Rock-Peoples are another story, though. They wish to amend the wrongs they did so long ago, but will not leave their mountain sanctuaries to find them. If they did, they'd probably be hunted down by them, anyways.