The Port of Gealle
Type Port City
Inhabitants Chalcites
Location Along the basin created by the Shoals of Falaich and the low, salty Fens of Udrathad
The port of Gealle is a large town, sitting along the western side of the marshy ocean basin and fjords of Camas, which has sea water funneled in from the southern shoals of Falaich. Bordering the northern section of the town, and extending slightly to the east, are the fens of Udrathad. The town itself is slightly marshy, and has many shallow veins and small basin created by the tides and, in the northernmost parts of town, from the constant wetlands of Udrathad.

The town Gealle (pronounced like veal, where the 'v' is a 'b' sound) is rumored to be the second largest population center in Western Chalcum, second only to the town of Sadiebridge. As well as being one of the largest towns in West Chalcum, is also the first established town in the region with a somewhat functioning port. Though she receives no strange ships, and doesn't deal in foreign goods, she still serves as a center for the budding study of ocean navigation (confined, of course, to the 'ocean' within a few hundred feet of the shore in most places), and a gathering point for local clans and towns.

Gealle was at one time ruled by clan Hairle, who received power over her in her days of budding prominence, shortly after the tearing of Chalcum from the Empire. Clan Hairle, like others along Falaich's shoals, had formed a coalition in an attempt to hold together the glory of Alpin's Companions. Gealle was founded around a simple set of meeting stones, and grew to prominence. As it did, this coalition split in many places, some saying that Clan Hairle being at the epicenter of the cracks, Clan Hairle usurped it's other allies. In time, the other rose up to defeat these new rulers, and, almost like a blow with the flat of a blade, established them anew as a lesser and minor clan in the area, not wishing their memory to become glorified and martyred within Gealle's halls.