The Gaithins
Language Old Gaitith
Appearance Humanoid
Progenitor Doenranak
Other Attributes
Type Bipedal
Average Height 6'5-6'11'
Average Weight 140-200lbs for Males

120-190lbs for Females

Coloration Light skinned.
Curious Features Rather gaunt looking.

The Gaithins are an extinct race, the first strain of humanity in Yanor, created directly by Doenranak. They were all but destroyed as two-thirds of their culture changed into the Predok and Chalcites, and then vanished as their great empire betrayed them and twisted them in the Groy-Hoyt.

A trait of the Gaithins, which only somewhat remains in their predecessors, is a natural (but limited) knowledge of the creation of Yanor, the four Elemental Constructs and Doenranak, and the grasp of the Arcane. In current times, the races of man are still born with an innate knowledge of Doenranak and his presence, but are not imbued with immediate knowledge of the creation of Yanor or how Doenranak came into being.