The Chalcite people hold dearly to their government of clans, first established 11AG by Alpin the Rebel. Alpin, upon freeing the Chalcite people from the Gaithin Monarchy, established a sort of central government which soon broke up at Alpin's death, as he had no clear successor. Amidst these squabbles did the current clans pop up, which, since then, have split off more in some cases, and in others, died out. Traditionally, a clan is named Mac (sons of) [notable male's name], such as in the case of MacAlpin.



Those who claim to be the true rulers of the Chalcite people, the MacAlpin clan has the strongest blood-claim to the 'throne'. Tracing their lineage directly to Alpin the Rebel himself, they claim to be of royal blood. Clan MacAlpin is waning, though, and will likely never have the numbers to truly enforce rule and reunite the Chalcite people. They currently reside in the glen of Glenstrae.


Clan Renald is the largest clan of Chalcum, boasting the largest fighting force and the largest stronghold, they hold a strong claim to Western Chalcum. The clan claims to be connected to a certain Renald of Glendochart, a mighty man who stood at the right hand of Alpin the Rebel during the Chalcite Rebellion. Upon Alpin's death, Renald attempted to seize the fracturing nation of Chalcites and hold it together, but failed, save for uniting a few clans around the Shattered Plains to his cause.

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