The Blisters
Language Unknown
Appearance Lanky, amphibian-like, colored darkly.
Progenitor The Beast of the Depths
Other Attributes
Type Bipedal
Average Height 6-6'9
Average Weight 100-130lbs
Coloration Mixture of blacks, reds, browns, greens, and deep blues.
Curious Features Their large eyes and webbed feet and hands.

Known simply as the 'Blisters', this race of humanoid amphibians are commonly looked down upon by the other races as the scum of Chalcum. Possessing a severe lack of intelligence and wisdom, as well as a language that no other race can make sense of, the Blisters are, much like the Rock-Peoples, considered a second-class people.


The Blisters are an odd race of people. Their torsos resemble that of a thin frog's, and have long, lanky legs that are nearly twice their length, ending in wide, webbed feet whose undersides are covered in pads. Their heads are long and thin like a salamander's, and have such a slouch and an undefined neck that it looks like their body never ended. Their arms are also long and thin, and end with three, webbed fingers with little claws. They have rather large eyes, which have multiple eyelids. Their skin is slimy and covered in little blisters and warts, the coloration of which is usually a mish-mosh of blacks, reds, browns, dark greens, and dark blues.

The Blisters don't wear clothing, save for rudimentary ceremonial pieces of wood and, rarely, poorly made armors.

Behavior and Culture

The Blisters are a primitive race, constantly wandering around marshy Tendrin Netherlands. They live in caves in the high bluffs separating the Netherlands from the Lefindon Autumnwood above, rarely venturing up into them, though. They have no solid government system, only wandering around in tribes, where the leader is constantly changing based on arbitrary things. This leads to almost hourly disarray and chaos, which can cause handfuls of tribe splits and merges with short periods of time.

They hold no jobs, as each does whatever it or it's tribe needs.

Religion and Traditions.

They worship everything and anything. If something seems divine or magic, they either eat it or pray to it. As for traditions, they don't hold to anything concrete. Most young go through random things, things and tasks that constantly change and make no sense or are rooted in nothing at all.


They fear all others, and try to avoid them whenever possible, but will never allow them in their Netherlands. Except for the Iron-Shells, they have a nice unspoken agreement, where neither tresspasses on eithers lands.