The Apokryvei
One aspect and member of the Apokryvei, namely of earth.
Language Primordial
Appearance Varies
Progenitor Doenranak the Mage
Other Attributes
Type Varies
Average Height Varies
Average Weight Varies
Coloration Varies
Curious Features Varies
The Apokryvei are a sort of race, constructs of certain ideas and tangible things. While this name, in the current year, only applies to the construct of arcane, Doenranak, it at one time used to encompass the four elemental constructs and the substance-less construct of sentience.


Their appearance is based on what they are made of. For example, the construct of fire would be made of simply fire, the construct of water from water, and so on. Whereas, the constructs of arcane and of sentience have no physical per say.